Standart Magazine

Illustrations for Standart Magazine, an international magazine about the world of specialty coffee. Article by Hanna Neuschwander.

Below: Climate change

‘Climate change-related complications are putting the coffee industry's future at risk. The key to protecting it: teaching the industry the importance of agricultural research and rallying broad support.’


Below: Orphan crop

‘Unlike many industries that have their own international guiding bodies (take grain, for instance, with its International Grains Council), coffee has no one body that oversees its development and health. It is an “orphan crop” as far as research and development goes. […] Suffice to say, though, that with coffee as an orphan crop, it needs adoptive parents to nurture it and guide its growth during this difficult period.’


Below: Information

‘In many cases, the information we have on the tomatoes and carrots we put in our backyard gardens is far superior to what a coffee producer has.’


Below: Investing

‘Yes, coffee is a $100 billion-plus global industry, but it’s also an under-researched, under-innovated crop. The farmers who work most closely with that crop are in dire financial straits, and we need to support them with R&D that can generate the innovations they need to help their farms thrive, meet market demand, and return to profitability.'


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